Original Pancake House – 5 Points South

OPHThe Original House of Pancakes is a major chain, but has only one restaurant in Alabama. It is located right in the heart of Five Points South. The interior of the restaurant was unimpressive; it looked just like your average IHOP or Denny’s. There was a pretty big crowd (we went on a Saturday morning), but we only waited about 20 minutes.

We sat down, and ordered our drinks. The restaurant was very full, mostly with families. I ordered the peanut butter pancakes with bacon and orange juice. Our food came our promptly, and the portions were very generous. The peanut butter pancakes were smothered peanut butter chips, and the bacon was thick and crispy. It was tasty, but eating that much peanut butter and syrup is pretty difficult. It would probably be better as a few bites rather than a whole meal. Nate had the “Three Little Pigs in a Blanket”. They were sausage links wrapped in pancakes and topped with powdered sugar and syrup. He said they were tasty, but he didn’t rave about them.

I wasn’t disappointed, but overall it seemed pretty mediocre to me. It is very affordable, the service was good, and the portions were large, but the food quality wasn’t anything spectacular. I would go back, but I’m not planning on going back anytime soon. Good place for a big, inexpensive breakfast or brunch, but don’t expect anything special. I give this taste of the ‘Ham three stars.


-Josh Zaslawsky,  Hungry, Hungry Hebrew


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