Sky Castle Gastro Lounge

Sky Castle is a gastropub located in Lakeview, right between Hattie B’s and Babalou. Named after the a glass-walled booth where deejays took live requests in the 1950’s, Sky Castle sits in the same location as Birmingham’s first Top 40 Radio Station. Sky Castle was created by three brothers: Jeff, Chris, and Jason Bajalieh, the same brothers who created Sol’s and Slice.

If you are eating in Lakeview on a Friday or Saturday evening, parking will be an issue. Usually a valet is available, although, unfortunately for us on this night, the attendant was unavailable. We only had to walk a few blocks, and luckily for us, we didn’t wear any heels.

When you walk into Sky Castle it looks like a modern, cool sports bar. There are televisions everywhere with plenty of seating available, including a few couches. The bar was quite large with dozens of beer on tap. Nate and I saw plenty of people enjoying drinks on the couch while waiting for their tables, or just watching some tv.

Nate and I started off with some cocktails, which were very good. We both ordered the “Call Me Old Fashioned.” The drink had Buffalo Trace Bourbon, Plum Preserves, and Bittermens Boston Bitters. This was a very good take on the Old Fashioned. Both Nate and I thought this was one of the better Old Fashioned variants we have had in Birmingham. It had the classic Old Fashioned taste that was complimented very well by the plum.

Next, for our appetizer, we ordered the “Buffalo Chicken Dip.” Neither one of us were crazy about this one. The only description the menu gives is, “Served w/ Potato Chips.” Maybe we are in the minority on this one, but we ended up getting a dip that was heavily cheese based (just not what we were expecting) with tortilla chips. This wasn’t a terrible appetizer but it wasn’t what we were expecting, and not the best cheese-based dip I’ve had.

For our entrees I had the “Sky Castle Burger,” and Nate had the “Chicken Lemon Alfredo.” The burger was very good, it came with caramelized onions, bacon jam, cheese, and dijonaise. The fries came in this cute little frier, and they were good as well. Nate’s pasta had chicken meatballs, house pasta asparagus, capers, and parmesan. I’ve never seen chicken meatballs before. Nate wasn’t the biggest fan.

In addition to my “Call Me Old Fashioned,” I also ordered the “Lakeview Lemonade.” This drink contains raspberry vodka, house made sour, and a spash of cranberry. This wasn’t quite the drink for me. Very fruity, and very lemony. I normally don’t try drinks like this, but I thought I would give it a shot. Not saying it was a bad cocktail, just make sure you enjoy lemon before you order this one.

For dessert we had the “Banana Pudding Crème Brulee.” I thought this was a good dessert. I also really enjoy banana pudding and crème brulee. It doesn’t have the prettiest presentation, but if you like banana, it’s a very good dessert.

Overall, I thought it was a fine restaurant. If you are wanting to watch some sports and enjoy a well-crafted cocktail, I would recommend Sky Castle. If you are just looking for high quality food, this wouldn’t be the first place I would suggest. I recommend sticking to simple food, such as the burger. Overall, we give this Taste of the ‘Ham 3 stars.

-Josh Zaslawsky,  Hungry, Hungry Hebrew


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