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Fancy’s on 5th

It’s been quite a while since our last post but…life happens. Josh and I started back on our eating adventure this summer at a fairly new restaurant in Avondale: Fancy’s on 5th. Fancy’s was opened by the owners of the nearby Melt restaurant along with the executive chef, Joey Dickerson, in March of this year. Just like any new spot in the Avondale neighborhood, it was met with great excitement and judging by the wait time for a table, people are clearly still excited about trying “the new hot thing” in this ever-growing neighborhood.

At 6 o’clock on a Friday night we were told we would have to wait an hour and half for a table for two, but we ended up only waiting about 30 minutes (I think we got lucky more so than it being an over-estimate of the wait). We, of course, visited the bar during our wait and aside from the many beers that you can find at any local restaurant Fancy’s serves several “fancy drinks” that were pretty good. While I think there is some expectation to be “different” when making your cocktail menu these days, the selection wasn’t quite as hipster as some of the other bars and restaurants in Avondale. I had beer from Avondale brewery and Josh had a “Pig Fashioned” and a “5th Avenue Sour”.

So we were somewhat confused by what we had heard from others about the type of food that Fancy’s serves, but they aptly describe themselves as an “Oyster Dive and Burger Bar.” We started with the “Oysters Avondale” and these were easily the best part of our meal. I’m not normally a fan of oysters, but we were told they were very good, and I’ll try pretty much anything if you cover it in cheese. At only $10 for a half dozen oysters, they are definitely worth a try. We didn’t try any of the other oyster options, but since it’s pretty close quarter seating, we could tell the other table’s oysters looked really good.

Josh and I agree that, yes, there are really good burgers out there, but there’s only so much you can do with a burger, and you have to try pretty hard to make one truly bad. Josh had the “B&B” burger which comes with “homemade Worcestershire, grilled onion, bacon, and blue cheese crumbles.” I had the “Blue Collar Burger” which was just about as basic of a burger as you can get with cheese, lettuce, tomato, and mayo. Both burgers were good, and we agreed that we would go back because the prices were decent. That being said, if asked who had the best burger in Birmingham, Fancy’s wouldn’t be our first thought.

Now I’m not one to skip dessert, but there weren’t that many options and none of them really stood out to us so we didn’t try any of the three choices on the menu. Overall the food was good, but nothing spectacular; the ambiance, décor, and location is great, but too small; but the prices are very reasonable and no one should be confused by the name and think it’s too Fancy for a casual night out. We give this Taste of the ‘Ham 3 stars.


-Nate Ennis, Foodie in Training


Post Office Pies


Post Office Pies just opened in March of this year, and is brought to you by the owners of Saw’s Soul Kitchen. It is located in Avondale in an old post office building (hence the name). It was a highly anticipated restaurant, and Nate and I were very exciting about going.

We walked in to a very busy restaurant, trying to look for seats and peruse the menu. Nate and I ordered a white pizza and a meatball pizza (this was a special for the night). We ordered some Avondale beers, which is definitely one of the best things about Post Office Pies, and began our search for a seat.

We started outside, and then Nate found a table inside, but it was right under an air vent and in the middle of the restaurant. After patiently waiting, we finally got a nice table in the back along the wall. We got a couple of more beers, and our pizzas were brought to our table after waiting for about 30 minutes.

The pizzas themselves looked good, but nothing out of the ordinary. The same could be said about the taste. They definitely weren’t bad pizzas, but they were very mediocre. There was too much crust, leaving only a few bites of actual pizza. To quote Nate, “I would rather have Pizza Hut.”

Although the pizzas weren’t very good, they were very affordable. I don’t plan on going back, but I wouldn’t say no if someone really wanted to go. I would be going for the Avondale beers (and location) more so than the pizza. I give this Taste of the ‘Ham 2 stars.

-Josh Zaslawsky,   Hungry, Hungry Hebrew